Yinkos Hymns Manager (YHM) helps you manage your church hymns.
It provides a number of very useful features.

CCC Hymns

Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) hymns in English and Yoruba plus tonic solfa.

We provide MP3s for many of the hymns so you can listen to them as you read the words.

Hymns MP3

Quality audio recordings of many Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) hymns for you to listen to and enjoy.

It also provides a central place for storing your audio files like hymns, anthems, etc.

YHM allows your team to easily access all songs created by the group.

Recording Songs

Helping with recording of songs - the app can record right as you sing or play your hymns.

Hymn Number Records

Recording of hymn numbers for songs sung on specific dates.

You can see the lyrics, tonic solfa and even listen to hymns in your Records.

Hymn Recommendations

Helping to choose hymns for future events via a powerful Recommendations feature.

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